LUMBER DELIVERY NOW AVAILABLE - with $300 minimum purchase and prepayment.  Delivery charge based on distance.

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I operate a Woodmizer LT35 hydraulic portable sawmill.  The sawmill is completely self sufficient and utilizes a gas engine and band saw cutting blade.  This type of sawmill is more efficient than a mill that uses a circular type blade.  Due to the thin kerf (thickness) of the bandsaw blade, the sawmill can produce up to 20% more lumber out of your logs when compared with a traditional circular sawmill.  

-Maximum log diameter - 32"

-Maximum log length - 20'

-Maximum slab cut - 22"

-Kerf allowance (blade thickness) - 1/8th"

Sample Worksite Layout

Please have an area next to your logs that is somewhat flat and clear of obstructions for the sawmill to be set up in.  Please have logs trimmed of limbs and cleaned of any mud and rocks that may have become embedded in the bark.  Metal from nails, fencing etc. contained in the log will cause damage to saw blades and should be removed.  Below is a diagram that is similar to what the work area will look like when I set up at your location.  I look forward to meeting you.

 Turn your logs into   valuable lumber for:                                                                


Sorry - no sappy softwoods (pine, spruce, etc)

 Serving all of Bucks County, PA and surrounding areas including NJ.